11 jan 2010

Discussion de gars avec Guillaume Wagner

Auteur : Guiber | Classés sous : Divers, Tranche de vie

Je viens tout juste de découvrir Guillaume Wagner et franchement ce jeune humoriste me fait pisser de rire. Ces clips disponible sur Youtube sont bien écrit et contiennent plusieurs petits bijoux de blagues. Je vous conseils fortement de vous abonner au feed rss de son blogue pour ne pas manquer les prochaines vidéos intulées “Libre échange”

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2 commentaires à “Discussion de gars avec Guillaume Wagner”

  1. Ian dit:

    What they don’t point out is that M6 has evening news as well, at 7:45. My guess is that a lot of plopee watching the sitcom watch the news that precedes it. Their news is a bit less “rich” than TF1 or France2, because of fewer resources, but it is news.Also, I don’t know how many plopee watch news on other channels, be it Canal+, iTele9 or others, but I think this simply means that the two major networks no longer have a monoply. (I actually watch iTele9 from time to time. Many of the anchors are former network newspeople, and they have pretty good coverage of much of the news.)

  2. buy viagra dit:

    Hahahaha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!